LOUIS II and LOUIS/LINK two excellent products from UNICON
LOUIS II is an easy to use, high performance gateway to all standard OS1100 data structures. This unique productivity tool provides a single product for data retrieval, manipulation, extraction, high speed sorting and reporting and can be installed and in use in less than an hour.

Resource Efficient

Normally, software that is easy to use consumes systemresources at an alarming rste. In contrast, LOUIS II might use as little as one tenth of the resources and time than a comparable COBOL or MAPPER application. Whether measuring CPU, I/O, CC/ER SUPS, LOUISII typically outperformes any competing product or technology.


LOUISII can access data from any standard Unisys file or database structure in a manner that is transparent to the user. For example, navigation through a database is automatic and "joining" data from dissimilar data structures is extremely simple. You may use native LOUIS II commands and syntax or our PC based "point and click" interface LOUIS/LINK. LOUIS II operates on any 2200 model system and on any 1100 model that supports EIS instructions. No changes to the operating system are required for installation. Input to LOUIS II can be disk or tape resident (Unisys or IBM).


LOUIS II provides an excellent vehicle for deploying client/server technology, facilitating the integration of new systems based on relational technology along with traditional data structures supporting legacy systems. Whether used for ad hoc or production reporting, data extraction, as a SORT utility or a database verification tool (i.e., realm walking, etc), LOUIS II has a broad appeal to any user who has a need to access data resident on the Unisys mainframe server.

Cost Effective

In most instances, users have reported that they were able to recover their investment in LOUIS II within the first six months of use. Best of all, there is virtually no on-going maintenance involved in the use of the software. LOUIS II is available for a 30-day, no charge, no obligation evaluation.

Exclusive Characteristics of the LOUIS II Software for Unisys

Based upon our research and input from existing clients, we believe that the following information differentiates Unicon software from other information access, manipulation, retrieval and reporting products.

1. LOUIS II can process all standard Unisys files and databases including DMS1100, RDMS, MAPPER, SDF, PCIOS, MASS STORAGE (Indexed and sequential). Thus the user has access to any and all mainframe resident data.
2. LOUIS II accesses the database outside of UDS (DMR) control. In many sites that we visited, relieving slot contention in UDS (DMR) can have a dramatic positive effect on the site's overall system througput.
3. LOUIS II can process shared files, DMS, RDMS or MAPPER structures even when UDS, DMS, RDMS or MAPPER software are not running.
4. For databse processing, LOUIS II will automatically navigate through the database for the user, including DBPs in DMS. Optionally navigation or alternate paths may be defined.
5. LOUIS II uses a proprietary SORT algorithm and does nor use the standard Unisys sort. This results in time savings of 75% to 95% over other reporting or sorting tools such as QLP, IQU and COBOL given the same hardware resources.
6. LOUIS II does not require the creation and maintenance of the typical 'data dictionary'. This again relieves the user of considerable maintenance activity relative to most alternate methodologies.
7. LOUIS II can operate without modification on any release of Unisys OS1100 Operating System. Therefore, in the process of migrating from one level of OS to another, there is no conversion activity or maintenance activity associated with LOUIS II.
8. LOUISII does not update files or database structures, thus precluding accidental or deliderate data contamination.
9. LOUIS II provides for the dynamic merging of datat from disjoint files and databases. As an example, the merging of DMS files with RDMS files. The merging of files is much easier with LOUIS II than with COBOL or other products.
10. LOUSII does not require the use of a proprietary database. LOUIS II processes the actual data as it exists on the system as opposed to creating a duplicate of the database as some products require.
LOUIS/LINK UNION offers a unique solution to any organization seeking to give their PC users broader access to all data loacted on the Unisys mainframe server. This allows the information systems staff to "get out of the reporting business". LOUIS/LINK's easy-to-use "point and click" interface works in concert with the speed and resources efficiency of LOUIS II on the mainframe server. It is our firm belief that this combination of ease of use and speed, along with our ability to access all data, are required for a successful implementation of client/server technology.

Common Interface

LOUIS/LINK not only functions as a graphical user interface to LOUIS II, but also acts as a file transfer and communications product as well. LOUIS/LINK provides the ability to create, store and edit query procedures in a stand alone mode, only using mainframe server resources at run time.

At execution, LOUIS/LINK automatically connects the users to the mainframe server, passing the query to LOUIS II for high speed processing. Upon job completion, results are then downloaded to the PC client for review, printing or further processing with spreadsheet, database or graphical software.


LOUIS/LINK uses the hardware and software products available from DCA, including INFOConnect, PEP and ICC products for DOS and LAN gateways for completing the connection to the server. If desired, LOUIS/LINK clients could be granted access to multiple Unisys mainframe servers.


LOUIS/LINK gives you the ability to create and execute ad-hoc queries, generate management quality reports or create extract files from any standard Unisys file or database type. Output from a LOUIS/LINK initiated task can be directed to the PC client screen or disk file (fixed or floppy), local or network printer or mainframe server system printer or file as desired. LOUIS/LINK takes advantage of all of the output formatting features available in LOUIS II and uses the intelligence of the PC to simplify the use of these features.


LOUIS/LINK honores all Unisys system level file security and is further controlled by user views (the LOUIS II Q-REF files), as well as the "profile" of privilegies defined for each LOUIS/LINK user.


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